Archaic Deception

We weren’t sure this would happen…

May this seventh day of this month mark my debut into your world.

If you’ve been following our journey thus far, then you’ve met many others through our blog. For the first few months, Joe Dayvie granted us access to his blog so we can get to meet people in your world. After a few months and completing the first draft of our story, Joe realized that space was not big enough for us all. Personally I felt he didn’t like being overshadowed by all of us. Regardless of the reason, he put together this website so we could talk about everything Archaic Deception (we will discuss the title later). We asked him to transfer over the blog posts to our site but he thought it would be best to keep those where they were to avoid any confusion and maintain stability.

Click here if you wish to visit our initial blog posts.

With our past out of the way, I would love to welcome you to our official site for Archaic Deception! My name is Giddeom and I’m quite a prevalent character in our story. Joe Dayvie has no control over us since we left his website but it is my choice to not divulge a lot of information about myself. Information may come out about me, in time; however, I have eyes everywhere so I’m confident I will maintain control. You will eventually meet me in the first novel of this series though. Hopefully you get the chance to read it sooner than later.

Archaic Deception: The Guardian of Emblems

After much thought amongst himself and discussion with us all, we finally found a title that suits our story. Fortunately there is not much to analyze with our title because the meaning is obvious. The Guardian of Emblems came to us initially and almost seemed like a good series title, at first. Unfortunately due to various storylines, we quickly decided against it as the series name. After having pages of adjectives, verbs and nouns to describe our story, Joe began to narrow it down. It was not until he came across a particular definition for the world archaic that we were all sold. It was decided we found the perfect title. After weeks of figuring out how to put a whole series of novels into a couple words, we finally found it. The excitement was palpable for us all.

What to expect here…

Now that we have an entire website dedicated to the World of Diveria, you can expect plenty of content to be added here over time. Some of us want to go crazier than others but I will do my best to maintain a good balance. The initial novel will focus on certain storylines and characters but there is a vast world beyond what this first book can go into. Joe was not sure everyone would want to read a 2,000 page novel. This way readers can enjoy the main storylines and those wanting to learn more can come here. These are some of the intrieging reveals to look forward to:

  • Additional Storylines and Backstories.
  • Character History and Development.
  • General Glossary.
  • World of Diveria and Regional Maps.
  • Transcript Excepts
  • …plus more!

If you are interested in staying up to date with our world, please make sure to subscribe to us. You will receive updates when content is uploaded plus private information that will only be available to those on our mailing list.

Until we speak again, it has been a pleasure.


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