Happy Mother’s Day

I’m delivering this message from everyone here in Diveria. My name is Anna Emmerson and I am one of the many characters in Archaic Deception. You might have met my son Jacob Emmerson. He is one of the main characters in our story.

Jacob and our family live in the region of Sartica, a large, desert landscape surrounded by miles of open sand hills. Sartica is a beautiful region, compared to what I know and have seen from elsewhere in Diveria. Jacob lives with us at home in western Sartica. Our daughter Catherine lives with her husband twenty minutes away in southern Sartica.

I love both my children equally, there are no favorites. With that said, my son Jacob and I have a special bond. We understand each other and have shared certain…experiences. These events, with our similar personalities, allow us to spend extra time together. My daughter, Catherine, and I have our own bond as well, a desire for motherhood. When she decides to have children, she will be excellent and not make some of the mistakes I did. I want her to have a beautiful family just like I have.

I know today is to celebrate mothers and we deserve it, but having my children is the gift.

Even through all the headaches, heartaches and hair pulling, I cherish my children. I would give my life for either of them, without question. The love from a mother cannot be explained but other women with children know the feeling. They are part of us, no matter what happens in life. Since a few of us in Diveria from Archaic Deception know this feeling, we are making sure to stay with Joe today. It is his first Mother’s Day since his mother passed away last year. We have grown closer with Joe over the last month while editing our story. It’s allowed for a more raw experience in the writing process. He is spending the day at home, trying to complete the first round of edits, in the first draft. He has another 240 pages to complete, so I’m not sure it’ll happen today, but we support him.

My own relationship with my mother was, well, challenging. She was a tough woman that loved us dearly, but also ruled with an iron fist. Plans had to be executed perfectly, otherwise punishments were given. My three sisters and I followed the orders from her since our father was gentle giant. Unfortunately my father died years ago, we were all still children. The five of us left our home region once he died, came to Sartica and never looked back. My mother died here, so all four sisters and our families live here in Sartica. Three of the four sisters are mothers, so we share that special bond together.

Joe Dayvie and his mother in 2005

Motherhood is a complex topic but it involves more than just the mother. Mothers and their corresponding relationships was part of what inspired Joe with our story. He does not have any children but he understands the relationship between a son and a mother. The relationship he shared with his mother was the driving force behind starting Archaic Deception. From what Joe told us, their relationship was beautiful. He considers himself very lucky to have had his mother for as long as he did (she struggled with a disease for ten years until she died when he was 30). It’s awful to endure a heart-wrenching experience, but it’s beautiful to see what that magic can create.

Yes, a mothers’ love is magic.

As I mentioned earlier, the relationship between a mother and her children is an important aspect in our story. I’m not the only mother in this story and there is variability between the relationships. Some have strong bonds while others are strained. The type of relationship we have with our parents, especially our mother, has an interesting way of inserting itself into our adult lives. Moments in my own life were forever changed because of events I went through as a child and a mother. If that type of power isn’t considered magic, then I don’t know what is. Anyone who says magic doesn’t exist needs to remember the power of their own mother.

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Thank you

Anna Emmerson

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    • Yes. These blogs are written by the characters in the realm of Archaic Deception. 😀 It allows others to meet the characters and learn a little about their lives before the novel is released.

      The short stories are also about other characters readers will meet throughout the story.

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