It’s lovely we have our own place to come say hello and meet everyone. My name is Smolar and I am what Joe considers a main character in our realm of Archaic Deception. We commonly say that but the landscape which holds all of our regions is known as Diveria. Let’s dive into it and let me explain just how our world is setup.

When we use the phrase our realm of Archaic Deception, we are referring to the stories told from our world. The title of Archaic Deception was created by Joe after he learned everything there is to know, most of which I still do not understand or am aware of. He was fortunate enough to learn the ancient tales and truths of our world, directly from their sources. So when you read a story like Jarvie’s Resilience, which takes place within The Quo, residing within the land known as Diveria, it is a still a tale from Archaic Deception. All the characters, places, and fables take place within the same realm. Some do not realize just how big it is. It can be overwhelming.

Refresher: Who am I?!

Now that we cleared that up, I should probably address our older posts. Joe decided to remove our older posts from his personal website, joedayvie.com. I KNOW! Believe me when I say we were angry. Many of us who were fortunate to speak there felt honored, proud. It was a great experience to spend that personal time with Joe and share with you all while with him. Unfortunately he felt too much information was mentioned, maybe history he wanted to hide? I’m not too sure honestly but that is what we believe. His excuse was that website is solely for his own, personal achievements.

Whatever the reason, I suppose some may not know who I am or why I am even here, speaking to you all. As I mentioned, I am one of the main characters in our initial story. Without giving any information away, you meet me in the beginning of the first novel, Archaic Deception: The Guardian of Emblems. Residing in The Quo, I am part of the Quorian Race. We have been around since The Age of Kings. While my past…may elude me, I find myself curious about a lot of things. Within our city, within the land of Diveria.

Once Joe is granted the chance to publish his work, our work, you will get to know me more, learn my journey, my struggles.

Until then, know that Joe has been working diligently on telling our story. He completed the entire first draft, to which we were surprised. It came together nicely but with 500 pages, he knew much editing needed to be done. After walking away for a month, he meticulously went through each page and made notes. Storylines, grammar, character development and more. He is now revising the entire novel, excited to share it with everyone.

He hasn’t given us the chance to read any of the revised work yet. I know he shared a post about a conversation between a few characters but there is nothing he privately shares with us anymore. He coordinated a workflow that allows him to articulate the story, which is important because there are many of us. More than I initially realized. The land of Diveria, and everything within Archaic Deception, is expansive.

There are many characters, some to relate to, others to love and a few to hate. Certain ones may be forgettable while others may cause you to dream about them. I am still yet to know, or meet, many of them.

Exploration in our world provides you with a deeper understanding of the dark secrets, misconceptions and deceptions that individuals portray and endure.

As I sit here, under the glistening moonlight here in The Quo, I think it is time to let you go. The Qubble has been strong, partially thanks to the bartender Jarvie. Remember, you can learn more about how he ended up here because let me tell you, it is unfortunate. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to have met him, and may not have otherwise, but I feel bad for him. There is a reason I do not often visit Restaurant Alley anymore 💙

Thank you for getting to know me and learning more about our realm of Archaic Deception. Please make sure to subscribe to us so you can be updated on new stories, blog posts and information on the initial book launch.


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