Hello, from us all.

It’s been a while since anyone took the time to visit from our realm of Archaic Deception. Consider this our apology. The majority of the characters, of whom you will eventually meet, have been busy looking over the story written about us. Joe Dayvie has finally allowed us to read what was written about us thus far. Let me just say it has been a whirlwind of emotions, and I haven’t even talked with half of them.

It has been a few months since he finished the first manuscript, but it wasn’t until he began the rewrite that we could read it. Although everything he mentioned was accurate, it was uncomfortable reliving such events. So much happened…

My name is Lazarus Moraje and I am the director of a particular group.

I know we are free to discuss any topic without worry of retribution; however, it’s not something I should divulge in great detail. Let’s just say I am against corruption, greed and manipulation. I take great pride in what I do and know others are empowered by the work we accomplish.

I spent some time with Joe today and we discussed how much he has accomplished in the last month. He has released a few short stories about characters you may notice within the series, began an extensive editing journey and continued to work on rewriting our tale. If you’ve followed him on Twitter or Instagram, then you’ve seen some of the journey already. To say I am excited is an understatement. I want our story told. I want others to see what we have gone through. I want us all to share our struggles. That is how we improve in this world and allow greatness to happen. Unfortunately, I feel Joe is hindering this process.

I have great respect for Joe; however, he’s limiting his audience.

I recently learned that he has not expanded to an important audience…his family and friends. Apparently, it’s something he struggles with and I have a difficult time accepting that. This is a man who spent countless hours, since 2019, working towards telling our story, and yet he remains quiet with those he knows best? It doesn’t make sense to me.

The only reason I agreed to sharing our story, my story, was to help to others. Although there is exploration, adventure, deception and heartbreak, there are lessons to be learned. There are themes within the story that resonate with many of us and hindering that exposure is foolish, selfish. A few of us have spoken with him over the last few weeks and there has been some improvement.

Just two months ago, only his husband knew about his work. Now, his sister and multiple friends (I think six?) know what he does. We were happy, and it’s certainly a start, but he seems to have stopped there. He needs to tell everyone else, share with the world. After learning about Instagram, and that he had a personal account, I suggested he share his journey there. It is an easy way to come out to everyone in unison. It is important to stand up for what you believe in. Take action, and speak up.

As he continues to gain support and build confidence, I hope he will heed my suggestion – keep a close eye. When that time comes, he will need all the support possible. Something tells me he could easily falter if that doesn’t happen. Maybe a few of us can persuade him after a few glasses of wine…🤔

I would like to mention a few points about the story.

Joe recently mentioned there is a small, yet noticeable, eagerness to read our tale. Our realm is vastly different from yours, so there will be an adjustment period; however, we do experience similar issues and struggles. I know you will resonate with certain people, races and their goals. There are many characters throughout the regions of Diveria, whether it be Sartica, The Barren Land or Azjura. I’m excited to learn where your loyalty lies. Something tells me there will be much debate over who is “right” and “just” in their actions.

Archaic Deception is a realm of considerable, profound deceit.

It is important to be aware, and remember, that our world is vast. While I may reside in one region, Diveria goes beyond my scope of knowledge or experience. There are territories and areas filled with various people, races and beings that have important stories, waiting to be told and shared with you. The Archaic Deception Series will be your introduction to this realm. You will meet many and learn a lot in a reasonable amount of time. Some of these fables will be expressed within the series, others in short stories, which you can read here. Once the series is complete, Joe can hopefully reveal even more history from those who lived to tell their tales.


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Lazarus Moraje


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  1. It’s so nice to finally meet another character in this story– Lazarus. It’s amazing how you can fully express your stand and beliefs to us, the audience, and we look forward to more of that once the story is out there, but I do have to tell that I understand where joe is coming from and why he has trouble sharing the word to his closest people. I think he’ll get there, with all of your support and with the right time, I think he’ll be able to fully share to people about your world. We just have to trust Joe that he wishes the best for you and your people’s story. 🙂

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