Rocky Terrain

2020 was a great year for us.
Heard it was rough for you.

The name is Brugōr

I’ve been told from Joe Dayvie that your previous year of 2020 was…challenging. Being the Leader of The Barren Land, I’m too preoccupied with the events in my region to be bothered learning about yours. With that said, Joe did inform me of all the precautions and life changes that needed to be made. It must have been quite a drastic adjustment, some more than others. I’m happy to see you are reading this here though, and are ultimately doing well. If our realm could survive (at least for now) the story Joe is working on sharing, then I know your world will bounce back soon. We want others to listen to our stories and adventures after all.

The last time someone came here, and took the time to say hello, was in September. It was Lazarus, I see. Can’t say I’m his biggest fan, though I know he isn’t mine either. He’s a dick. An arrogant son of a bitch. Point is, don’t trust him.

There have been significant advancements made in our story. Joe has been focused on rewriting our story over the last few months. I heard him laughing about how much certain storylines are changing. It almost seems like he wasted a lot on his first draft.

Archaic Deception Makes No Sense.

As someone who Leads an entire region, I can’t say I understand the title of our story. Archaic Deception. I consider myself a history buff, and I don’t see the deception. Our origin is straightforward without question. Maybe some choose to avoid it or entertain fake news, but you can’t change the past. If it’s written down, then it’s true.

I mean…our story is great. It’s the best. You should be excited for it’s arrival, but I just had a better name in mind, thats all.

The Guardian of Emblems is a different story. I quite like this one, though I think it was a conversation Joe Dayvie and I had that lead to this realization. He said how much my words resonated with him. Even though it would have been better if the guardian was better educated before we met, but that’s another story.

This story is taking a while to write, right?

If I were writing this story, it would have been finished and ready for you to read. I’m not quite sure why it’s taking him so long to complete. I get there are many storylines to navigate through with a deep-rooted history (which is available to us all), but I would just figure it out and have it done. Look at the amount of time it took for me to write this alone – ten minutes! If I had been working on something for just over a year, you’d believe I’d have more to show for it.

Even after he completes the story, he has to find proper representation to produce it for others to enjoy. I told him to just post it on the internet, like we do here. Everything I’ve come across on your internet seems factual and true. He laughed at me, saying he couldn’t do that. Hopefully, he doesn’t spend too much time with distribution. I understand the value of jinujery (or money, I think you call it), but at some point, he should just get our story out there.

What you can expect in 2021…

If it were me, I would say the sky is the limit and we could provide you with a novel or two this year. According to Joe, that isn’t happening. What you can realistically expect from him is:

  1. A fully written rewrite
  2. Editing the rewrite
  3. A final decision between traditional and independent publishing (ugh...)
  4. A completed world map
  5. Possible character illustrations and cover art (depending on his publishing route…)
  6. Meeting more major characters
  7. A couple more short stories about minor characters
  8. Plus more appearances by me

It seems as though there is an issue back in my region that needs my urgent attention (I swear, if someone entered my domain again…). Keep an eye out for my return. You can bet I’ll be back soon, and maybe I’ll bring a friend.


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