Rocky Terrain
2020 was a great year for us. Heard it was rough for you. The name is Brugōr I’ve been told from Joe Dayvie that your previous year of 2020 was…challenging. Being the Leader of The Barren Land, I’m too preoccupied with the events in my region to be bothered learning about yours. With that said, ... Read more
Hello, from us all. It’s been a while since anyone took the time to visit from our realm of Archaic Deception. Consider this our apology. The majority of the characters, of whom you will eventually meet, have been busy looking over the story written about us. Joe Dayvie has finally allowed us to read what ... Read more
It’s lovely we have our own place to come say hello and meet everyone. My name is Smolar and I am considered a main character in our realm of Archaic Deception. We commonly say that, but the landscape that encompasses all regions is named Diveria. Let’s dive into it and let me explain just how ... Read more
If you’ve been following our story, you know that the first novel of our fantasy series is titled Archaic Deception: The Guardian of Emblems. If you haven’t been following, well…you know the title now 🙂 Our title leads to many questions like who is the guardian and what are these Emblems? You may also be ... Read more
Happy Mother’s Day I’m delivering this message from everyone here in Diveria. My name is Anna Emmerson and I am one of the many characters in Archaic Deception. You might have met my son Jacob Emmerson. He is one of the main characters in our story. Jacob and our family live in the region of ... Read more
Archaic Deception
We weren’t sure this would happen… May this seventh day of this month mark my debut into your world. If you’ve been following our journey thus far, then you’ve met many others through our blog. For the first few months, Joe Dayvie granted us access to his blog so we can get to meet people ... Read more
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