Catherine Emmerson was driven for something more than just a simple life. While she loved her home of Sartica, there was a yearning for exploration. She decided to travel to the region of Tillerack and study environmental science. Catherine always had a passion for protecting the integrity of the planet. No change or impact was ever too small.

Intelligent and well-spoken, Catherine attracted the attention of Andrew and the two eventually married upon her return to Sartica. Due to his strong desire to be a father, they decided to try and start a family. Being a mother was an unexpected turn for Catherine, but once she learned of their pregnancy, she knew it was destined for her.

Have you returned to Tillerack? 
The education I received from Tillerack was invaluable, but my life is in Sartica. There’s no reason for me to return, but I continue to remain friends with a small group still living there.

When did you know you wanted children? 
It wasn’t until I realized my husband’s strong desire to be a father that I considered having children. I’m eternally thankful to him for awakening that desire within me. 

How’s your relationship with your parents? 
Good. Family is very important to me. I’m close with both my mom and dad, even though we all know who mom’s favorite is. šŸ’ā€ā™€ļø

Who is her favorite?
Jacob, obviously. He is her son.

How is your relationship with your brother, Jacob? 
Very good. We are nearly five years apart in age, so we are in different stages of our lives, but that’s not to say we aren’t close. The bond between siblings is unique and unbreakable.

Region: Sartica
: 28
Favorite Drink:
 Water with ice
: Inquisitiveness
: Family

Short Stories: None

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