within the region
within diveria

Location: deep in the southwest desert of diveria

Race: mixed. a region for the exiled.

Affiliation: n/a 

Terrain: an arid valley, surrounded by an uninhabited mesa, encapsulated by a sandstorm.

Significant Locations

Cardinal Direction Variation

Due to The Lost Sphere, the perception of the cardinal directions vary by 90 degrees.

Within the Region: The mouth of Karg River and the castle grounds are considered  north. Use this orientation when discussing The Barren Land.
Within Diveria: The mouth of Karg River and the castle grounds are actually  west

Karg City

Located on the southern end of the region, the City of Karg has a busy nightlife that’s filled with restaurants and shops. Lights of the city are usually seen throughout the valley.

Karg River

Within the confines of The Barren Land, the Karg River rapidly flows north to south and is the only source of water in the region. Though beautiful with shades of pearl and aqua, the winding river is too treacherous to swim across. At fifty-feet wide and forty-feet deep, there’s only one bridge for civilians to cross near the southern end.

Outer Limits

East of the Karg River, this quiet, residential neighborhood is perfect for families and civilians wanting to escape city life. 

Primary Residences: Mortimer Hullington, Vanilor Dipythian.

The Bazaar

Commonly known for its vendors, the Bazaar often has visitors from all over the valley in search of food and materials. With a small, friendly community residing just outside the exterior streets, the neighbors tend to look after one another and help when they can. 

Primary Residences: The Dimmerk Family.

The Depths of the Bazaar

Narrower and more consuming than the perimeter, “the depths” are not often entered without purpose. Structures appear taller, as they were commonly built into the walls of the mesa. Though some consider it eerie, the locals cherish their peacefulness. With their flashy colors and glistening gems, the residents of the depths take pride in their exuberant flair and flamboyant appearance.

Primary Residence: Nigel Hatherton.

The Lost Sphere

A stormy, peaceful containment, The Lost Sphere encapsulates the perimeter of The Barren Land. While it’s open to the sky above, it isolates the region from the rest of Diveria. Many are mystified by the lack of sensation as the vicious sandstorm whips around just feet away from them. Though it’s possible to traverse the storm, it can lead to death without proper precautions.