Location: Southern region of Diveria

Race: Quorians

Affiliation: King Klai

TerrainExterior is rocky and desolate. Interior is a secluded cavernous city comprised of metamorphic rocks. 

Significant Locations


1: The Enchanted Reservoir

With mesmerizing paths through the cylindrical pools of majestic water and luminescent colors, its considered to be the most sacred spot in the city As vast stalks that soar out from them and support the thirty-one floors of The Quo, the community’s reminded of their horrific past and unforeseen deaths.

Due to the nature and reasoning of The Quo’s creation, the Saviors made sure to pay tribute to their fallen King.

3: The Grundimmer’s Residence

Home to Promit, his sister Bindetta, and their father. 

5: Restaurant Alley

Filled with places to eat and drink, the majority of this floor is reserved for Restaurant Alley. While there are an abundance of places to choose from, there are a few noteworthy restaurants to mention.

Draka’s Diner: One of the most successful eateries in the city, the diner really became successful under the ownership or Drama and Birvena Jruk. Read Jarvie’s Resilience to learn more on their story. 

Raw You Can Eat: Known for it’s use of fruits and vegetables grown within the city walls, this restaurant continues to surprise its patrons with delectable yet nutritious meals.

5: The Enchanted Gate

Located against the wall in an area with little traffic, this ancient gate was initially created by a well-known leader in quorian history. Unfortunately, his legacy never lasted long enough for him to see his dream come to fruition. 

7: Rhugor Horwick’s Residence

Having no family to live with, Rhugor Horwick resides on the seventh floor in a quiet, residential area. Though quaint, his home provides him with enough space for his two passions – maintaining his strength and farming. 

11: The Deallius’s Residence

As the two main medical specialists in The Quo, Lucemia and Reagor Deallius use a portion of their larger residence to care for patience and explore medicinal research. The living quarters in their home is still spacious enough for the two of them and their daughter, Fravia Deallius.

14: The Quorian Library

“The acquisition of knowledge prompts prestigious strength.”

Some would argue that the Quorian Library is the most powerful place in the city. Wielding everything and anything there is to know about the quorian race and beyond, it’s an organized mess that remains in disarray. The head librarian, known to everyone as Gemery, tries his best to maintain order. 

19: Smolar’s Childhood Home

Filled with happiness and fond memories, Smolar remembers the good moments that he and his family shared. Though it all horrifically changed in one unfortunate night, he’ll never forget the sights and smell of his childhood home. Over the years, Smolar occasionally glances at the seemingly empty and untouched property from afar.

24: Smolar’s Residence

Once he was ready to move out on his own, Smolar carefully decided to live between his childhood home and the Quorian Ruler’s residence. While he admires the Enchanted Reservoir, he’s always been captivated by the The Great Barrier from up above. 

24: Draka’s Corner

A quaint, underrated local bar frequently visited by those on the 24th floor. Owned and run by Jarvie Jruk, he welcomes all patrons with good quality drinks, an open ear, and a comforting smile. Having been in the restaurant business for a while, Jarvie knows how to please his customers. Read  Jarvie’s Resilience to learn more on his story. 

27: The Belvase

This is the only floor within the city that remains open and modifiable for hosting events. Whether it be a simply birthday party, a Proclamation or a Jubilee for the Quorian Leader, this space provides quorians with a place to congregate and celebrate. 

30: Quorian Leader’s Home

Ever since the formation of The Quo, the 30th floor has always been reserved for the Quorian Ruler’s residence. Though it’s the highest publicly accessible level, quorians will only visit if they have a meeting arranged out of respect for the city’s ruler. Nothing else resides on this level except for the lavish, yet modest home and well-maintained grounds.

31: Quorian Leader’s Private Floor

Accessible to only the Quorian Ruler, this floor is the purest level of The Quo due to its limited use. Rulers are known to visit the floor for solitude and breathtaking views of the community their sworn to protect. Due to the nature of the city, this level also assists the Quorian Ruler in casting the Great Quorian Seal for protection from the Outer World.