As a cerebral, independent quorian, Fravia Deallius is well-known throughout her community. A familiar face to most, she has met nearly everyone within the city of The Quo. Though her bubbly personality is inviting, her parents, Lucemia and Reagor, aid in her notoriety due to their work in medicine and research. 

With great pride and love for her race, Fravia is a wealth of knowledge. Her passion for reading caused her to become an unofficial, self-proclaimed historian of the city. When an opportunity arrises, she will share any relevant information from memory, even if unsolicited.

Fravia frequently visits the Quorian Library to read fictional tales and fantasy fables. She considers any civilization outside her own exhilarating, though she prefers the confines of the city. It provides her with solace and serenity. 

How do you feel about readers learning of the quorian culture? 
I must admit…it took me a minute to accept. I’m protective of the city and civilians, but I trust our story will be told with dignity.

Is there anything in your culture too sacred to share?
There are secrets everywhere, so of course certain knowledge is sacred. There is no harm in learning about our community from afar though.

Why do you love reading?
The acquisition of knowledge prompts prestigious strength. 

Have you ever used the power of knowledge to your advantage?
That’s part of the fun! We put in the work to learn and memorize, so if there’s ever a chance to use my wisdom or philosophy, I will.

How does it make you feel to be included in this vast, perplexing story?
It’s exciting to know I’m a part of a story that will forever be available for others to read and learn from, even long after I’m gone.

Region: The Quo
: 35 
Favorite Drink
: Hot tea
: Book lover
: A good love story

Short Stories: None

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