Living in The Barren Land for nearly twenty years, Grum Lagom is first introduced as an associate of Whark Dimmerk. Working alongside the Karg River allows him to be outdoors most of the day, helping maintain the balanced, calm lifestyle he strives for. Though he was initially offered Whark’s position, he declined to avoid any unnecessary stress in his life.

Grum lives a balanced, modest lifestyle in the hub of Marketplace Alley. His house is small with few belongings, but he doesn’t require much. As someone who focuses on the positive, he is well-liked by his colleagues and friends. His personality is warm and inviting. Many find it difficult to not smile at least once when he’s around. 

What do you do for a living? 
I work as an Aquatic Engineer at Karg River in The Barren Land. 

That sounds complicated. 
Not really. I just assist my boss with certain tasks alongside the entire length of the river. I’m just happy to not be stuck in an office all day, ho ho!

Who is your boss? 
Whark Dimmerck. Interestingly enough, I’ve lived in The Barren Land for nearly double the length of time he and his family have.

Does that bother you? 
Nope. I could have had the job, but I don’t enjoy the pressure. Working for Brugōr and his regime can be stressful, but don’t tell him I said that, ho ho! I’d rather live a balanced life.

Would you consider yourself a jovial person? 
Yes. I’ve been called someone’s personal rainbow before! Tis better to live in happiness than succumb to the misery of life.

Who has brought you the most misery in The Barren Land? 
I see what you’re doing. Trying to do. My responses will be seen by the readers, right? 

Yes. Why? 
Tell them to fasten their seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride! I just heard that line for the first time the other day. You like it?

Region: The Barren Land
: 45 
Favorite Drink
: Anything with Glimbo juice.  
: Mostly in my legs from my work, ho ho!
: Chocolate cake 

Short Stories: None

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