Living in The Barren Land for twenty years, Grum Lagom considered himself well experienced in the region. Working alongside the Karg River, as an associate of Whark Dimmerk, allowed him to be outdoors most days. It helped maintain the balanced, calm lifestyle he strived for. Though he was initially offered Whark’s position, he declined to avoid any unnecessary stress in his life.

Grum lived a balanced, modest lifestyle in the hub of The Bazaar. His house was small with few belongings, but he didn’t require much. As someone who focused on the positives, he was well-liked by his colleagues and friends. His personality was warm and inviting. Many found it difficult to not smile at least once when he’s around. 

Region: The Barren Land
: 45 
Favorite Drink
: Anything with Glimbo juice.  

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