Born and raised in Sartica, Jacob Emmerson lived a comfortable, yet sheltered, life. From a young age, his parents had tried to expand his horizons, but it would result in panic and worry. He had always found solace with familiar surroundings. As he matured into an adult, his lack of expansion had transformed into anxiety.

As one of the initial protagonists in the realm, Jacob is introduced in  Archaic Deception: The Guardian of Emblems, the day after his twenty-third birthday. Having just learned the company he worked for claimed bankruptcy, he indulged in one too many celebratory drinks and awoke with a pounding headache and convoluted visions. He tried to make sense of the imagery and peculiar experience, but couldn’t grasp the concept. Unbeknownst to Jacob, the attempted communication was unexpectedly timed and intended for his eyes only.

How do you feel about Joe sharing the stories from your realm? 
It makes me extremely nervous. It’s exciting, don’t get me wrong, but it opens the floodgate to criticism and opinions. 

Do you think they will gravitate toward you and your storyline? 
Maybe. I’d hope so, I guess. It’s an awkward sensation, anticipating others judgement. The events in my life are…different.

Is your storyline more important than others? 
No, it’s not more important, just different. All of our paths together really make for an incredible story. I know there will be many other tales told from Diveria. 

Are there any stories you’d like to read about? 
It would be interesting to read stories from those born in the same region as my mother. 

If you could remove one character from the Archaic Deception story, who would it be and why? 
No one. It wouldn’t be the same story without everyone involved, even those I may not enjoy.

Region: Sartica
: 23 
Favorite Drink
: Red wine
: I don’t know… 
: How much time do you have?

Short Stories: None

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