As the majestic leader of the quorian race for nearly one-hundred years, Lady Vixa is widely respected within the city. The death of her father, Sir Erko, was particularly challenging, but she knew it was her turn to take the reins. He expected her to marry a male companion, handing over the title of ruler to him; however, she knew this would never happen. Though unnerving, Lady Vixa had no intention of passing over her role, nor did she intend to ever marry a male companion. 

Residing on the highest level of the quorian city, Lady Vixa ensures the safety of their community, their city, and their race as a whole. She’s very personable and is often seen down by the Enchanted Reservoir.

What are your duties as ruler of The Quo? 
I’m responsible for the safety of the city and the entire community.

What is the scariest thing you’ve encountered as ruler of The Quo? 
It’s best I maintain secrecy and not divulge that kind of information.

Do you think your father would be proud of you? 
My father, Sir Erko, was legendary. He demanded respect, but was loved by every single quorian. He had high expectations and insisted his opinion was the only opinion that mattered.

So, do you think he’d be proud of you? 
I thought these questions were about me, not my deceased father.

Do you have any children? 

Do you wish you had? 
No. The desire was never there.

Have you ever left The Quo? 
No. Due to the near extinction of our race long ago, us quorians have remained secluded in our hidden city.

What happened? 
It’s a long, dark and unfortunate story. I’m certain it will be disclosed to you all within the Archaic Deception series.

Region: The Quo
: 125
Favorite Drink:
 Fizzling Nimber
: Emotional Suppression
: Sir Erko, her father

Short Stories: None

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