Archaic Deception: The Guardian of Emblems is the debut novel from our realm. 

In Archaic Deception, Joe Dayvie imparts a mysterious adventure that will captivate both fantasy enthusiasts and newcomers. With colossal world-building rich in folklore, legends, and myths, this modern-day series delivers an unsurpassed expedition of imaginative fiction.

During the night of his twenty-third birthday, an introverted Jacob Emmerson is haunted by cryptic visions. After an explosive dinner exposes secrets amongst his devout family, his chronic anxiety flares as he realizes his experiences are real. Venturing into a mystical realm of intrigue, his view of the world shatters when he learns who summoned him and the legacy he’s asked to uphold.

Morality is questioned as mayhem courses through the veins of the land. When an almighty King’s legacy is threatened, a presumed extinct race is exposed, and the lives of the innocent are in danger, the perception of good and evil is questioned. As history struggles to remain unchanged, who will truly ensure peace reigns supreme amongst the land of Diveria?

Archaic Deception: The Battle of Bloods is the highly anticipated second novel taking place after the events from The Guardian of Emblems. 

Expected Release Date: 2023

Archaic Deception: Anthologies I will be the first of many anthologies written to explore deeper into the realm.. It will follow the characters and areas you’ve become accustomed to from The Guardian of Emblems. It’s suggested to read that before these to avoid spoilers and better understand the stories.

Expected Release Date: 2023/2024

Joe Dayvie has been welcomed to numerous events to share our realm of Archaic Deception. Whether at a nation wide location like Barnes & Noble or a corner store, you can view the events below. 

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