Quiet and shy, Promit Grundimmer has few friends within the city of The Quo. He finds comfort in his home and his solitude life. After the death of his mother years ago, he befriended a quorian named Smolar, who had experienced a similar loss. Their blossoming friendship had grown and the two felt as though they were brothers.

Promit’s home life negatively changed after the death of his mother. Alone with his father and little sister, he no longer felt included in the family. Promit only received insults and shame from his father, and unfortunately, his sister, though younger, followed in his footsteps with one remaining parent to learn from. With the verbal abuse from his father, Promit distanced himself from them, spending more time with Smolar. 

He was never curious about the world outside of The Quo until Smolar suggested they go on a secret adventure of explorational proportions. 

I’m sorry to hear about your mother. It seems rare for a quorian to pass at a young age. 
Thanks. It’s not common, but happens. 

Do you and your father talk about her? 
No. I don’t think he likes to remember back then.

Where did you meet Smolar? 
We were eating alone in Restaurant Alley one day at the same communal table. We striked up a conversation about the Proclamation happening that day and have been friends ever since.

What is a Proclamation?
A ceremony between two quorians who decide to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s a tradition that goes back to the days of King Klai.

Who is King Klai? 
You’ve never heard of King Klai? He’s the reason for our creation, the reason for our genocide, and the reason for our resilient return.

Region: The Quo
: 29
Favorite Drink:
: Being alone
: Impressionable

Short Stories: None

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