Reagor Deallius and his wife, Lucemia, are the two primary healers within The Quo. While she focuses on research and development, he safely administers the treatments for ailments and sickness. Being the face of their work, directly handling patient care, Reagor is familiar with nearly everyone in their community. 

With his kind, patient demeanor, there is often gossip and whispers about how opposite he and his wife’s personalities are. Reagor is aware of the chatter, but ignores it. He has deep admiration and love for Lucemia. He considers his biggest accomplishment in life to be their daughter, Fravia, which wouldn’t have been possible without his wife. 

Have you ever come across an ailment you couldn’t heal? 
Sometimes. Fortunately, my wife has enough resources and experience to conjure new remedies using a sample of patient’s blood. 

Have you ever had a patient die? 
Of course. Our race isn’t immune to such a fate.

How do you handle the death of a patient? 
It’s sad, but we all know it’ll happen at some point. Fortunately, most quorians pass away  of old age.

How was it raising a daughter with the work you do?
I’d like to think we raised her well, focusing more on the healing, rather than the death. It’s all about perception. She’s grown into an incredible quorian. Fravia has the mentality and strength of her mother, yet I also see myself in her too.

What do you think about the whispers regarding you and your wife? 
It’s unfortunate. Lucemia is a bright-minded, intelligent quorian. She helps our entire race and I wouldn’t be able to do my work if not for her. We may be different, but our love for one another is strong. It bothered me years ago, but I learned to accept that quorians will always find something to talk about. 

Region: The Quo
: 59
Favorite Drink:
: Healing others
: Afraid of being a bad father.

Short Stories: None

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