Known to Lady Vixa, but not many others, Rhugor Horwick lives a quiet, humble life as a farmer on the third floor of The Quo. Growing numerous plants like Silvermound and Angel’s Trumpets, he also maintains a hidden stash of Moonfeather Trees, which are rare in the city.

Rhugor also happens to be one of the stronger quorians of the city. His muscular physique, while unusual for a farmer, adequately showcases his brute strength. Masculinity exudes from his pores. Fortunately, he rarely needs to make use of his skills.

Quorians may quickly find themselves admiring Rhugor due to his sense of charm, charisma and chivalry. 

How did you become so strong? 
Farming is very labor intensive.

Have you ever been in a fight? 

How many? 
Eight? Nine?

Have you ever lost?
Once a winner, always a winner.

So that’s a no? 
The day I lose a fight is the day I give up fighting.

What are Moonfeather Trees? 
Long ago, they used to grow throughout the entire city. Unfortunately, they were never tended to and now face extinction. My family cultivated them in recent years and I manage what’s left.

Why would someone want a Moonfeather Tree? 
The fact that you ask that question proves you aren’t worthy of possessing one.

Why the fear of scorpions?
Because their terrifying! Don’t you agree? 🦂

Region: The Quo
: 25
Favorite Drink:
 Silvermound Seltzer
: Physical Strength
Weakness: Scorpions

Short Stories: None

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