Known by many within the quorian city, Lucemia and her husband, Reagor, are the primary healers. Her husband handles the delivery of healing treatments, while she maintains development and research. Most of their work is completed in a portion of their home, secluded to anyone else, including her daughter, Fravia.

Lucemia is headstrong and honest, which is appreciated by some, and detested by others. Regardless, her curious, intellectual mind allows her to conjure up new remedies for ailments and injuries. It’s known that she’s the brains behind the work she and her husband do. 

Where do you live in The Quo? 
On the 11th floor and we couldn’t be happier. Not too far from the Enchanted Reservoir, close to Restaurant Alley. I prefer the lower levels of the city. We’re more grounded, real.

Do you find quorians are often sick? 
Not really, but we do battle certain viruses and issues within our city. Plus, there are always children getting into innocent trouble. Precious little things.

Because of your work, do you communicate with Lady Vixa at all? 
Not too often. We try not to…worry her, with what we do. If she needs our assistance, that’s fine, but she has her work to do and we have ours.

You have just the one child?
That’s right, Fravia. She’s my pride and joy – such an intelligent adult. She certainly inherited our bright minds. 🧠

Does your daughter still live at home? 
She does. Even though she’s an adult with her own responsibilities, it’s common here in The Quo. Our race has had a difficult past, so time spent together is important.

Do you ever wonder what’s outside of your city? 
There’s an entire world outside of our city walls – the world of Diveria. It’s not a safe place for quorians, just read any of the books within The Quorian Library. It’s located on the 14th floor.

Region: The Quo
: 61
Favorite Drink:
 Water with Koaf leaves
: Being opinionated
: Being curious

Short Stories: None