Anna Emmerson moved to Sartica with her family at a young age. Though she considered it her home, she’d always felt slightly disconnected from it. Part of her heart always remained in her birth region of Prateria. Fortunately, she fell in love and birthed two children, both of whom reignited her sense of purpose and fulfillment. While she equally loved her children, Anna’s relationship with each one of them was unique. 

Her passion for feeding others and gardening had become her therapeutic outlet. Some perceived her as cold or distant, but she undoubtedly had immense love and kindness in her heart. It was during her childhood and adolescent years that Anna became impervious to the world around her.

Years of emotional suppression unknowingly changed the course of her family lineage. 

Have you ever returned home to visit? 
No, and I’m not sure I’d want to. It’s been so long…

Do you have any siblings? 
There were four sisters.

One of my sisters passed away some years ago. The three remaining sisters live throughout Sartica.

What do you love more – cooking for others or gardening?
There’s nothing better than cooking food my family loves, especially for my kids.

Where did you find your love for cooking? 
My mother, my grandmother and even her mother too. Been that way for years. It was tradition to always have food available in the home. 

Is tradition important to you? 
Of course. Tradition is how we honor our family and those who came before us.

Besides your parents, who in your family do you wish you could speak with one more time?
My grandmother. She was strong but her life didn’t allow her to be around often. It would be nice to speak with her once more, but who’s to say I haven’t already. 

Region: Sartica
: 54
Favorite Drink:
 Red wine
: Her children
: Her children

Short Stories: None

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