The Guardian of Emblems

(First Novel – Anticipated Release Date: Winter 2022)
Gargantuan and majestic Kings once ruled as far as the eyes could see; however, a detrimental war brought upon an end to their reign. The only King to survive the near extinction protected himself and their legacy with his remaining power. His actions permanently changed the structure of the world, and formed what became modern day Diveria. Though he focused on the future of the land, history refused to be silenced or erased.  As the ancient wrath billowed deep within Diveria’s core, the lives of some began to change, unaware of the radical and aggressive consequences happening around them.
  • In the region of Sartica, an anxious Jacob Emmerson awoke from a strange vision on his twenty-third birthday.
  • Two individuals of the quorian race, Promit and Smolar, found themselves in uncharted territory. Though excited at the idea of exploration, they quickly found themselves fleeing for their lives.
  • The Dimmerk family lived in The Barren Land, a place to start fresh for the exiled and wanderers. Their lives were forever changed when a diabolical mission was successfully completed, and they learned of an unfathomable fate.
Dive into the mysteriously, complex world of Diveria with the first novel from the realm of Archaic Deception
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