Archaic Deception Series

In a realm constructed by gargantuan kings with majestic powers, an uncharted domain flourished into diverse and dependable civilizations. While individual communities remained loyal to their sacred king, there was a unified respect amongst the land, igniting an enlightenment period known as the Age of Kings. Powerful beings worked alongside one another to provide prosperity and growth for all. 

At the height of development and sophistication, the colossal kings begun to fall. Whether plummeting to their death or vanishing from their communities, the longevity of their existence seemed dismal. With two kings left fearing for their lives, the territories entered a War of Kings. Fighting for their legacy and to protect their races, the two vigorously dueled until only one stood tall. 

Terrified yet hopeful, the final king implemented drastic changes he felt necessary to ensure the safety of all who remained. As eons passed and history transcended time, those who lived in Diveria praised and cherished their sacred king. Many considered him a deity from the ancient legends and folklore bestowed upon them. Unbeknownst to most, such fables provided the fuel for a vengeful wrath, billowing deep within Diveria’s history.

With a magnitude of skepticism, greed, and concern, influential individuals strive to tarnish a new age of enlightenment amongst the regions. Their power and perseverance provide them with countless methods to achieve their goals. While the acquisition of knowledge prompts prestigious strength, it can come at a great cost. 

Join a mysterious fantasy adventure where perception could lead to great exploration or cataclysmic destruction. 


The Guardian of Emblems

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