The Guardian of Emblems

(First Novel – Anticipated Release Date: Winter 2022)

Welcome to Diveria – rich in folklore, adventure and mystery! Before being given its prophetic name, the land had once been ruled by majestic, gargantuan Kings. They existed amongst one another, ensuring a safe, cohesive existence up until their untimely and unsettling deaths. Eventually, their reign came to an end, but their dominion permanently affected the world they’d left behind. The once-unified terrain was transformed into individual, isolated regions, each with their own geological characteristics…and a fresh historical perspective.

Since the Age of Kings, these secluded cities thrived with their own civilizations, regulations and technology, blissfully unaware of the ancient wrath that billowed deep within Diveria’s core. Refusing to be silenced or erased, destiny attempted to reveal itself, but a sinister, more influential power was present. Causing an imperceptible reaction throughout the land, the lives of strangers within the regions began to shift. 

  • In the region of Sartica, Jacob Emmerson anxiously awoke, perplexed from a strange vision after his twenty-third birthday.
  • Two quorians, an ancient race presumed to be extinct, attempt to avoid death as they’re hunted by two strange looking men in an unknown forest.
  • Certain members of The Barren Land, a safe haven for the exiled and lost, struggle to maintain their safety and sanity in the wake of their ruthless tyrant’s actions.

Immerse yourself into the cryptic and perilous world of Diveria, with the first novel from the realm of Archaic Deception

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