The Guardian of Emblems

The First Novel

After The Age of Kings, the land of DIveria was split into ten regions for communities to individually grow and prosper. Centuries later, various races thrived as regions transformed into modernized civilizations, each with their own specialty.

In the region of Sartica, Jacob Emmerson awoke from his 23rd birthday. Jacob, complacent in life, envisioned experiences that altered his expectation for life. As these experiences occurred, his mind struggled to accept the reality of the world around him. 

In a region far away from Jacob, lived Smolar, a majestic Quorian desperately seeking answers to questions he hadn’t grasped. He had a history of questioning life, so seeking resolution did not come easily. Unaware of matters outside of The Quo, he seeked help from his mentor, the leader of the region. She was also his guardian for numerous years but her affection toward him was minimal, nearly nonexistent.

Even further away was The Barren Land, a well-protected region that housed all of the exiled around Diveria. The Leader, Bruḡor, ensured fear and chaos throughout the land for security and order. This was the consistent way of living until an unexpected, public arrival peaked a curious mind. 

Immerse yourself in a realm where regions and lives collide. Question your morals, while the balance of good v. evil is tested. Is there justification in evil actions when the participants are unaware of their origin? How will you perceive the Archaic Deception?