Andrew Cromwell: Though newly married to Catherine Emmerson, the two have known each other for years. They currently live in southern Sartica, not too far from either of their families. 

Anitta: An intellectually swift and surprising guide.

Anna Emmerson: With traditional values and a deep love for family, she is the matriarch of the Emmerson family. Living in West Sartica, gardening is one of her favorite hobbies.

Ben Emmerson: Particular in his methodologies and humor, he often maintains a silly demeanor. Along with his wife Anna, they manage their successful business, Emmerson’s Minerals. 

Bettina Grundimmer: Promit’s little sister.

Birvena Jruk: She and her husband own Draka’s Diner in restaurant alley. ( Learn more…)

Brugōr: Intimidating in strength and appearance, the Leader of The Barren Land demands respect from everyone in the region. Known by everyone, though friendly to few, he resides in the Kurhal on the castle grounds.

Catherine Emmerson: Having spent five years away in Tillerack to study ecology, she learned to value her family above everything else. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she is devoted and loyal to her loved ones.

Cordova Dipythian: Vanilor’s wife who resides in The Barren Land with their twins.

Crogin: The Dimmerk’s neighbor and husband of Suzmina.

Cynthia Halverson : Anna’s youngest sister. 

Divinity King: Beloved by many and hated by some, he was one of the most powerful to exist during the Age of Kings.

Edith: Often away from the family, she was Anna’s grandmother.

Fravia Deallius: Smolar’s cerebral friend who spends most of her time in the quorian library. She’s familiar with most of the community due to the work of her parents.

Gemery: The quorian librarian.

Giddeom: The unique individual who resides and manages the activity within Diad.

Grum Lagom: Whark’s co-worker at Karg River. He maintains a carefree, simplistic lifestyle with a passion for eating and a yearning for family.

Jacob Emmerson: Living in the comfort of West Sartica with his family, he struggles to understand and manage his anxiety as vivid “experiences” begin to unravel his life. 

Jarvie Jruk: Owner of Draka’s Corner on the 24th floor of the Quo. ( Learn more…)

Kimber Jones: A muscular woman with flamboyant fashion who is a part of the Anti-Regime and lives in the depths of the Bazaar. 

King Azjur: Once ruled over the Azjurian territory during the Age of Kings.

King Depthus: Once ruled over the sea during the Age of Kings.

King Iaga: Once ruled over the forested territory during the Age of Kings.

Lady Vixa: Quorian Ruler

Lazarus Docaras: Founder of The Anti-Regime.

Lord Erko: Though he loved his daughter Lady Vixa, this Quorian Ruler believed in the tradition that only male quorians were fit to rule.

Lucemia Deallius: Working with her husband, Reagor, the two research and provide essential medicine across the quorian community. Opinionated and independent, she ensured her daughter Fravia think the same way. 

Mauvendra: A quorian from Lady Vixa’s past that lives on the 15th Floor of the Quo.

Michael Grinshaw: A middle-class man who resides in Tillerack and often visits THE Bar with colleagues after work.

Mortimer Hullington: Living in The Barren Land alone, he internalizes his analytical mind, uncertain of his journey.

Neetri/Erva: One of the Saviors.

Nigel Hatherton: Associate chef to Osvita Dimmerk, he is a handsome, well-respected man amongst his family, friends and peers. Chivalrous, charming and kind, he puts the needs of others before himself. 

Osvita Dimmerk: With a passion for the culinary arts, she is a renown chef throughout The Barren Land. With perseverance and the support of her family, she built up her business from nothing.

Promit Grundimmer: Smolar’s good friend who is talked into an unexpected excursion, twice.

Reagor Deallius: Specializing in the delivery of medication within the Quo, he is a devoted father and husband.

Rexhia Dimmerk: Wise beyond her years, she is the daughter of Osvita and Whark.

Rhugor Horwick: A stranger to most, he is a peculiar quorian that focuses on strength and combat.

Sam Capricios: A mysterious figure.

Sir Horlix: An ancient Quorian Ruler responsible for creating the Enchanted Gates.

Sir Kalvin Troveria: The leader of Sartica who resides in the Subterranean Domain. 

Shrenka Malhazan: A complicated woman and companion of Brugōr.

Smolar: Due to an incident with his parents, he was brought to live with Lady Vixa until he eventually moved out on his own. With a yearning for exploration, his curiosity led him and his friend to explore the Outer World, resulting in the events of The Guardian of Emblems. 

Suzmina: The ill neighbor of the Dimmerk’s.

Vanilor Dipythian: Married to Cordova and a father of twins, he works in the castle grounds of The Barren Land, idolizing their leader.

Varveklis: An ancient dragon that occasionally resides above Venara.

Vincent Anders: Head of the Kurhal security.