Anything But Dry:
Bar located in Sartica


Barren Land Locator (BLL):
An electronic rolodex device used by the guards of the Kurhal.

Larger space located on the 27th floor of the Quo used to host big events and social gatherings. 

Butte Bar:
Bar in Sartica

Blue Diamond Jubilee:
Celebrates the 100th year of the Quorian Ruler’s reign.

Bolle Chicken Soup:
Delicacy cooked in The Barren Land.

Bracelet of Fury:
An enchanted charm.

Bubbling Root:
Sparkling wine with fruit juice, topped with a thick cactus root.


Cristal Caverns:
Restaurant in the City of Karg


Someone wandering the outer land of Diveria, not living in a region.

Draka’s Corner:
Bar owned by Jarvie Jruk, located on the 24th floor of The Quo.

Draka’s Diner:
Popular restaurant located on the 5th floor of The Quo.


Enchanted Reservoir:
A holy location in the center of The Quo.


Frinkle Flakes:
Quorian medicine possible of instantly healing superficial injuries.


Glimboberry (Glimbo):
A small, luscious green berry.


Jinugery (Jinu):
Currency throughout Diveria.

Jinto Nut and Citrus Salad:
A healthy meal.


Karg River:
The only water source for The Barren Land.

Kurhal Tower:
The largest structure within The Barren Land.


Larkspur Lake:
The larger lake in Sartica with glowing, golden sand.

The Lost Sphere:
The protective barrier surrounding The Barren Land.

Lotus Lake:
The smaller lake in Sartica with glistening, white sand.

Lunarc Vine:
An ancient quorian plant, existing during the Age of Kings.


Moonfeather Tree:
Once common throughout the city, these nearly extinct plants are near extinction.

Grown from a Lunarc Vine, the stones are dusty white, smooth and perfectly rounded. A short, thorn-like projection is formed when pulled off the vine.

Mount Marlock:


Narvel Berry:
A small, pungent berry found in The Barren Land.

Novalis Rod:
A legendary weapon.


Pendant of Perception:


Traditional alcoholic beverage for quorians. Tart with a sweet, zesty aftertaste.

Nearly brought to extinction years ago, this race lives in the hidden city of the Quo.


Raw You Can Eat:
Popular restaurant in The Quo.

Restaurant Alley:
Home for most restaurants within the Quo. Located on the 5th floor.


Silvermound Seltzer:
A drink in The Quo made from the Silvermound plant.

The Subterranean Domain:


THE Bar:
A bar located in Tillerack.

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