Diveria Dictionary

Considering the World of Diveria is unfamiliar and vast, we’ve compiled a list of unusual and peculiar words, phrases and locations. As the Archaic Deception novels grow and new stories are explained, more explanations will be placed here. In case you ever come across a phrase you are unsure of in any writing, story or blog, know you can visit The Diveria Dictionary here to define your curiosity.


Anything But Dry: Bar located in Sartica.


Blazing Rattles: Bar where Jacob celebrated his 23rd birthday.
Bolle Chicken Soup: A delicacy cooked in The Barren Land.
Braclet of Fury: ???


Cristal Caverns: Restaurant within the City of Karg in The Barren Land.


Degreant: An individual living in The Outer World, not belonging to any region.
Diveria: The world where Archaic Deception takes place. Home of the ten regions.
Draka’s Corner: Bar owned by Jarvie located on the 24th floor of The Quo.


Enchanted Reservoir: ???


Glimboberry (Glimbo): Green, luscious berry found in The Barren Land.


Jinugery: Currency of Diveria.
Jitno Nut and Citrus Salad: A healthy meal.


Karg River: Main source of water in The Barren Land.


Narvel Berry: Founds in The Barren Land. Very small but pungent berry with a sweet flavor.


Larkspur Lake: The larger of two lakes in Sartica with glowing, golden sand.
The Lost Sphere: The protective forcefield for The Barren Land.
Lotus Lake: The smaller of two lakes in Sartica with piercing white sand.


Qubble: A traditional alcoholic beverage for Quorians. Tart with a sweet, zesty aftertaste.
The Quo: One of the ten regions in Diveria. Home of the Quorians.
Quorians: The race of those who live in The Quo.


Restaurant Alley: Located on the 5th floor of The Quo. Home for most restaurants within the city.


Sartica: One of the ten regions in Diveria.
Subterranean Domain: ???


THE Bar: Bar in Tillerack.
The Barren Land: One of the ten regions in Diveria.

Any ??? definitions will be revealed once The Guardian of Emblems is released.