Alchemists: Powerful beings that reside in Azjura.

: Traditional alcoholic beverage for quorians. Tart with a sweet, zesty aftertaste.

Amulet of Eymus: Lady Vixa’s most prized possession that she received from her father, Lord Erko.

Anything But Dry: Bar located in Sartica.

The Anti-Regime: An underground community that disapproves of Brugōr’s regime.

Azjura: The region of the sky.


Barren Land Locator (BLL): An electronic device that contains civilian information and is used by the guards of the Kurhal.

Belvase: Large space located in The Quo used to host events and social gatherings  ( read more).

Butte Bar: Bar in Sartica.

Blue Diamond Jubilee: Celebrates the 100th year of the Quorian Ruler’s reign.

Blue Whirl: Method of illumination throughout The Quo. Flame-like in appearance, they are comfortably cool to the touch.

Bolle Chicken Soup: Delicacy cooked in The Barren Land.

Bracelet of Fury: An enchanted charm.

Bubbling Root: Sparkling wine with fruit juice topped with a thick cactus root.


Camaril: The freshwater region in Diveria.
Cristal Caverns
: Restaurant in the Karg City.


Degreant: Someone wandering throughout Diveria, not identifying with any region.

Deptherian Sea: Named after King Depthus, it is the larger body of water north of Camaril.

Divine Artifact: Believed to be one of the most powerful ancient artifacts.

Draka’s Corner: Bar owned by Jarvie Jruk ( read more).

Draka’s Diner: Popular restaurant located in Restaurant Alley ( read more).


The Enchanted Reservoir: A sacred location within The Quo ( read more).

The Enchanted Gate
: An ancient method of transportation for the quorian race ( read more).

The Erzatsian Field: A luscious garden in the center of Sartica.


Frinkle Flakes: Quorian medicine with healing properties.


Gavalith: One of the regions across Diveria.

Gavalith’s Globe of Incineration: Gavalith’s ancient artifact..

Glacial Gauntlet: Venara’s ancient artifact.

Glimboberry (Glimbo): A small, luscious green berry grown in The Barren Land.

Great Barrier: A skylight into the Outer World from the highest point of The Quo. 

Great Quorian Seal: An impenetrable concentration of power that encapsulates The Quo.


Horlix Blade: A relic belonging to Sir Horlix.



Jinugery (Jinu): Currency throughout Diveria.

Jinto Nut and Citrus Salad: A healthy meal.


Karg River: The only water source for The Barren Land.

Klai Chronicles: A legendary tome of quorian history.

The Kurhal: Located amongst the castle ground, it is the tallest tower throughout The Barren Land.


Larkspur Lake: The larger lake in Sartica with glowing, golden sand.

The Lost Sphere: A protective barrier surrounding The Barren Land.

Lotus Lake: The smaller lake in Sartica with glistening, white sand..

Lunarc Vine: An ancient quorian plant.


Moonfeather Tree: Once common throughout the city, these trees have nearly become extinct.

Moonstone: Grown from the Lunarc Vine, the stones are dusty white, smooth and perfectly rounded. 

Mount Marlock: A distinguishable mountain in the Gavalith region. 


Narvel Berry: A small, pungent berry found in The Barren Land.

Novalis Rod: A legendary weapon.


Pendant of Perception: An enchanted object.


Quorian: A historic race thought to be extinct.


Raw You Can Eat: A popular restaurant in The Quo.

Restaurant Alley: Location of the majority of restaurants in The Quo ( read more).


Sartica: One of the regions across Diveria.

Sartician Sands: Sartica’s ancient artifact..

The Saviors: The group of quorians who secretly survived the War of Kings.

Sohnora: A trustworthy slingshot.

The Subterranean Domain: Home of the Sartician leader.


THE Bar: Bar located in Tillerack.

The Barren Land: A region deep in the desert for the exiled and those seeking a new start.

Tillerack: A heavily forested region within Diveria.

The Transcending Tablets: The Barren Land’s ancient artifact.



Venara: One of the regions across Diveria.


War of Kings: A short period of time where Kings either vanished or died.