Location: South East Region of Diveria

Race: Human

Affiliation: Divinity King

TerrainSurrounded by massive dunes, this desert landscape is mostly covered in beige and tan to minimize the heat. With little rain and only two lakes, the only noticeable green is the Ersatzian Field located in the center of town.

Significant Locations

North Sartica

North Sartica has more of a city life than any of the other areas. While it’s still primarily residential, it has more stores, restaurants and nightlife compared to anywhere else. 

Larkspur Lake: The larger of the two lakes within the region. With glowing, golden sandy shorelines, it displayed a magnificent view, especially during a sunset. Its boisterous beauty made this lake a perfect destination to cool down from the heat.

South Sartica

Mainly consisting of private homes, the south provided property owners with more land. With less of a city life than the north provided, it was common to see farmland and spacious yards. 

Catherine & Andrew’s Residence: Located in the south, they were only twenty minutes away from her family in the west.

East Sartica

Considered the industrial part of the region. It houses a majority of warehouses, storage units and business-related properties. With minimal residences, it granted a plethora of commercial space for businesses to thrive.

West Sartica

Widely known as the affluent portion of the region, West Sartica showcased lavish home and expensive taste. While some displayed it more than others, there was a prestige to living in the west. 

The Emmerson’s Residence: Due to the success of their business, Emmerson’s Minerals, Anna and Ben were able to move their family to the west-side of town.

Lotus Lake: The smaller, more intimate of the two lakes has pure white sand. Vastly different from Larkspur Lake and often less crowded, this is Jacob’s preferred shore to visit.

Central Sartica

There’s only one visual landmark that resides in the center of the city — The Ersatzian Field

The Ersatzian Field is a large, triangular, fenced-in garden, with every plant, tree and flower known to exist within Sartica. With its vibrant colors and fragrant smells that are admired by all, the landscape is a botanist’s dream. Though beautiful, the garden serves a secondary purpose. It provides the external decor for the monstrosity that exists below – the Subterranean Domain. This houses the entire royal family, including the regional leader  Sir Kalvin Troveria